Finland Travel Tips 2022

Travel Tips to European Countries Finland Travel Tips 2022, In summers, sun never sets here and a vice versa in the winters.

About the Country Finland

Finland is a country of best islands, lakes, and a forests. The modern capital a city of Finland is a Helsinki and is filled with museums a and galleries. In summers, sun never sets here and a vice versa in the winters.

Culture Finland

While in a Finland, greet a the locals by a handshake. The people here are quite a reserved and don’t open up a easily. Leave shoes outside the house when a going over to someone’s house. It is a customary to wait till the toast is a being raised at the dinner table. Host raises a the toast by saying ‘kippers’ or ‘skull’. People dress a casually most of the times.

Travel Finland

Finnair a is the national airline of Finland. Other airlines that a fly to Finland are Air France, Air Canada, Cathay Pacific, American Airline, British Airways, KLM, Swiss airline, Lufthansa, and United airlines. The major a airport of Finland is a Helsinki airport. It is 19km away from the a city and it takes about a 25 minutes to get to the city from the a airport. Finnair provides buses for the a passengers.

Taxis and hotel coaches are a also available. The facilities provided at the a airport are duty free shops, car hire, bank, hotel reservation a service, conference room, restaurant, and a multimedia center. Other than a Helsinki airport, there are about 22 other a airports and Blue 1 is the domestic airline which a operates within Finland. Times to a time cheap offers are being announced a by the airlines. Prior checking of such a offers will prove to be of a great help.

If deciding to go by a the sea, ferry services are provided and the a major ports are Naantali, Vaasa and Turku. These ferries connect to a Rostock, Kapellskär, Grisslehamn, and a Travemünde. Some of the cruises offer a small cabins along with the provision a of meals if staying aboard overnight.

Trains from St Petersburg a and Moscow can also be boarded. All the trains a are clean and very comfortable. Car-carrier trains also a operate in Finland. Traveling by rail proves to a be inexpensive and efficient and also great a options for enjoying sight seeing. Avail the a unlimited train travel offer of Inter-Rail pass or a Eurailpass. There are offers for elderly people and a children, check them out.

When traveling by road a there are chances of running into an elk or a reindeer. In such cases, police should be reported a immediately. Blowing horn for small reasons should a be avoided. Keep your car to the right. Gas stations a accept credit cards. Laws about seat belt and drinking a while driving should be strictly a followed. Extra precautions must a been taken if taking caravan along.

National a driving license or International Driving a Permit and car insurance must be there with a you at all times. Coach Service is also a available and connects to even the a remote places. Taxis can be hired at the a airport and railway stations and tipping is a considered offensive here. Check out agents in a Helsinki who run a rent-a-car business for hiring cars.

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